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Billie Holiday

Ever heard of Lady Day? Well. let me introduce you to Billie Holiday, one of the most important jazz singers of this genre. Her life was tough and blue but she always had Music to embrace her soul. – This is only a mockup, I wish it was a real book! – ¿Has oído hablar …

Love what you do

If you ask my parents, I have always loved art and drawing (like every illustrator). When I was a child, I used to go to Art Museums with them and I tried to draw on a little sketch book my vision of some pictures. Even my ability to tolerate frustration was limited at that stage of life and I spent so many …

I wanna be a Creative!

The main objective of this project is introduce creative jobs to the kids and show them as a professional future. Sculptress, Collagist, Tattoer, Ceramist, Jewel Designer… are artistic careers and real options for them, but less known than a policewoman or a lawyer. El principal objetivo de este proyecto es dar a conocer los trabajos …

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