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Caracola Magazine

When I was a little kid I read and played with Caracola, also known as: «The Magazine for the kids«. It was very funny, and had comics, games, drawing contests and cut-outs. So I wanted to draw a cover and a mock up to remember the old times. Cuando era pequeña leía y jugaba con …

I wanna be a Creative!

The main objective of this project is introduce creative jobs to the kids and show them as a professional future. Sculptress, Collagist, Tattoer, Ceramist, Jewel Designer… are artistic careers and real options for them, but less known than a policewoman or a lawyer. El principal objetivo de este proyecto es dar a conocer los trabajos …

Grupo Gourmet Placemat

Alicante-based Grupo Gourmet is a Restaurant Group who asked me to design a black&white colouring placemat for kids. It was a funny and lovely project which I enjoyed a lot. I had to create a «Gourmet Village«, a representation of their restaurants and services. Grupo Gourmet es un grupo de restaurantes de Alicante (Monastrell, La …

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