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The Greatest Treasure / El Mayor Tesoro

El Mayor Tesoro es el libro bilingüe que acaba de publicar Peculiar Press, escrito por Aleida Gómez de Caso e ilustrado por mí. Es la historia clásica de Jack y las Habichuelas Mágicas (reinterpretada) sobre magia, aventura y la importancia de amar sin prejuicios. The Greatest Treasure is the bilingual book recently published by Peculiar …

Love what you do

If you ask my parents, I have always loved art and drawing (like every illustrator). When I was a child, I used to go to Art Museums with them and I tried to draw on a little sketch book my vision of some pictures. Even my ability to tolerate frustration was limited at that stage of life and I spent so many …


Celia is the main character of the novel & TV series written by Elena Fortún (1886-1952). I have made a mock up of one of her picture books and designed some of her expressions. He querido trabajar sobre Celia, el personaje principal de los libros de Elena Fortún. He hecho una maqueta de uno de …

Hansel and Gretel

These are some interpretative works from «Hansel and Gretel» (a cover and a one-page illustration). I thought my color palette would not fit with the story but I am pretty proud of the finally result! Estas son algunas ilustraciones interpretando el cuento clásico «Hansel y Gretel» (la portada y una ilustración simple de interior). Pensaba …

N is for Narwhal

This is an example of illustration for a reading book for toddlers. Do you imagine an animal with the letter Z? Este es un ejemplo de ilustración para libro de lectura para preescolares. ¿Puedes imaginar un animal con la letra Z?

Science Club

These is an example for a science textbook. These two know very well what are they doing, but sometimes it is OK to make it funnier! Este es un ejemplo para libro de texto de ciencias. Estos dos saben muy bien lo que hacen, ¡pero a veces está bien hacerlo más divertido!

Caracola Magazine

When I was a little kid I read and played with Caracola, also known as: «The Magazine for the kids«. It was very funny, and had comics, games, drawing contests and cut-outs. So I wanted to draw a cover and a mock up to remember the old times. Cuando era pequeña leía y jugaba con …

I wanna be a Creative!

The main objective of this project is introduce creative jobs to the kids and show them as a professional future. Sculptress, Collagist, Tattoer, Ceramist, Jewel Designer… are artistic careers and real options for them, but less known than a policewoman or a lawyer. El principal objetivo de este proyecto es dar a conocer los trabajos …

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