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I love new thrilling challenges from my clients so if you think we can make a great team, please don’t hesitate to contact me!💌

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I am Paloma Pérez, a Spanish children’s book & textbook Illustrator. I was born in Alicante, but I travel a lot, so I am currently living in Benidorm.

I have studied Fine Arts, a Master’s Degree in Illustration & Design and several courses of Illustration.

I am a pro Illustrator since 2018 and I have worked for several clients like Edelvives or Santillana, Instituto Canario de Igualdad, Ayuntamiento de Benidorm, Blackwell’s (UK) or À Punt.

I think that one of the most important things to be an Illustrator is being honest with yourself and enjoy the little things.

Do you want to take a look to my work? Click here!

When I have a new project I think about myself as a child and imagine what things I loved and why they looked so amazing to me. Then, I grab my tools and start creating! 

If you want, you can also download my .pdf Portfolio here.

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